The Begining: Inform yoursef

As you must already know, owning a fox is a tremendous job. So before any of you “wanna-be” fox owners purchase one, please, please, please, PLEASE inform yourself. A fox may not be the right pat for you.


  • “Is a fox the right animal for me?”
  • “What can I expect from a pet fox?”
  • “Are foxes allowed in my state/country?”
  • “How much does a fox cost?”
  • “Where can I buy a fox?”

So, let us answer these questions together, then!


Q: “Is a fox the right animal for me?”

A: Only you can answer this question. Nobody on the internet will tell you if you’re the right type of person for the job. I can, however, help you answer this question.

First of, if you never owned a pet before, you might want to consider getting a cat or a dog first. Cats and dogs are easier to deal with then foxes, and will give you a good idea of what having a pet is all about. I’m going to be clear; if you never owned a pet before, having a fox is not a good idea. Because:

  1. Foxes can make very lousy pets. They can be very disturbing and destructive. Remember, foxes are still, at the origin, a “wild animal”.
  2.  A fox is very difficult to handle. Foxes demand more attention than cats or dogs do.
  3. Caring for a fox can be touchy. If you never cared for an animal before, you might find yourself overwhelmed.

Next up is where you live. If you own a house with a big enough yard, you might need to build an enclosure for your fox to go and play outside without a leash. But the problem here is not the house, having a fox in a house is totally okay. It’s if you live in an apartment or a very small home. If you do, you ABSOLUTELY need to live in an area where you can take your fox outside, on a walk for example. Some places will allow you to walk you fox in a dog park, with a leash of course, but some places will not allow you to do so. So another good idea would be to inform yourself if your town allows you to walk your fox.

Okay, now, do you have a job? If you don’t ether:

  • Don’t get a fox
  • Get a job

Because caring a fox can be very expensive, not only to buy, but to take care of. Think about all the food, litter, toys and other things you’ll have to pay for the rest of the fox’s life! (And by “other things, I mean all the things he’ll trash around your house. Having expensive things around a fox is not a good idea… trust me)

Now, do you have a vet near where you live that deals with exotics? Because usually, normal vets don’t take care of foxes. So before you get a fox, it’s VERY IMPORTANT (It’s in Bold, not how important that make it look!) to find a good exotic vet.

I think this should about cover the important points you might want to reflect upon before getting a fox. If you have more questions that need answers, you can still Google them, or e-mail/message me, I’ll be glad to answer to you.

Q: “What can I expect form a fox?”

A: This question can be very easily answered by two simple words:

can see you coming: “But Sama, you say “utter disaster” like it’s a bad thing!” because it is! A fox can be very destructive and hyperactive. Many foxes tend to have ADHD (lolkinddabutnotreally) and most of them, when they are young, might destroy absolutely anything they set their eyes upon. You fox might not, because it always depends on the personality of the fox, but expect it. Strongly.

Also, don’t expect your fox to love you to pieces immediately. In fact, it will most likely not like you in the beginning. It will probably bite, or at least try to bite your hand many times. Sometimes, it might be just because he wants to play, but still you should try to teach him that biting is not a good idea. (I recommend the “Windex” bottle filled with water, so that way, when he bites or does something you don’t like, you can always squirt some water on him. I don’t know of a single pet that likes having water squirted on him/her.)

Foxes are like a cat mixed with a dog. Like dogs, they’ll be happy to see you and will enjoy your company, but like cats, they can be very independent at times, and are not very cuddly. So don’t expect him to come and leap at you for affection. They aren’t very cuddly, but you can still cuddle with them sometimes, like cats. Cats aren’t cuddly, but you still cuddle them to death… sometimes~ 🙂

Q: “Are foxes allowed in my state/country?”

A: Let’s face it, I have no idea where you live. There are many sites on the internet that can help you towards that, but yeah, since I’m trying to gather everything you might want to know on here, I’ll make a list of states (In the U.S), if pet foxes are allowed and their laws regarding exotic pets:


Pet foxes are allowed
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Code Book – Section 15.41 Native Wildlife Pets; also
Section 15.37 and 15.38 on Importation from another state
(they ban importation of foxes from 19 states: [Gray and red foxes that originate or have lived in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming or Canada.] ).
Notes: no permit needed; one time $25 “importation permit” to bring in a fox from out of state.  Arkansas also allows you to catch a fox in the wild to keep as a pet (section 15.41 A).  Also, limit of 6 foxes per household.


Pet foxes are allowed with permit
You must have a class 3 permit, no-cost personal pet permit, …. I’m not sure if an exhibition permit is required if you plan on taking it outdoors, and the Captive Wildlife Critical Incident/Disaster Plan filled out and sent in with the application form.


Pet foxes are allowed with permit

Illinois Department of Natural Resources  [link] Illinois Wildlife Code (Chapter 520 ILCS Section 5/3.25) [link]
Officer Roy Maul
note: pay yearly fee of $25.50 for the “Fur-bearing Mammal Breeder Permit”.  The permit does not allow a person to capture or take a live fox from the wild.  You have to purchase the fox from another licensed breeder and you must keep and maintain records of the purchase, sale, and propagation of your foxes.


Pet foxes are allowed 
In the state of Indiana, foxes are hardly regulated. It’s almost like owning a dog in that respect.


Pet foxes are allowed
Iowa DNR       [link]
2009 Iowa Code/Statutes(Code Chapters & Sections)/TITLE XI NATURAL RESOURCES/SUBTITLE 6 WILDLIFE
No permit needed.  Only, you must keep the sales receipt from the breeder and the health certificate in line with the Dept of Agriculture and their requirements.


Pet foxes are allowed
Michigan’s import rules will apply if you can’t find one in the state
I’m not sure if the link is working, but it says the director needs to approve the housing of the animal, so try to get it in writing from the director that you are okay to get one. If the link doesn’t work just go here and search for exotics.
There is also a section on keeping red(fur farm) foxes(search for wild animal, bring a lot up but it’s part way down the list)
It looks like the last word is to contact the director of the Michigan department of agriculture.
In Michigan, only NATIVE animals need DNR permits. This includes Red Foxes that are red in fur color (You do not need a DNR permit for a Red Fox that is Marble, Cross, Silver or ANY other color phase than red. Silvers, Marbles and Crosses ARE “Red” foxes though, just like how there are Yellow, Chocolate and Black Labradors, they are all Labradors) and you would need a permit for a Grey Fox.  Fennecs are not native to Michigan.   [link]


Pet foxes are allowed    [link]
Minnesota Statutes Chapter 97A.501
note:  ” As long as you purchase the fox from a legal game farm and DO NOT take it from the wild, it is legal to own one. A person who owns a captive bred fox is required to maintain the receipt obtained when the animal was purchased.  This is your proof that you did not take it from the wild” – Lori Naumann, DNR officer…



Pet foxes are allowed
Nebraska state law does not require a permit to keep them


Pet foxes are allowed
Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources   [link]   REVISED CODE OF OHIO 1531.02 “State ownership of wild animals” AND 1533.71 “License to raise or keep game birds and animals”    [link]
note:  $25 a year “Noncommercial propagating license” for a “fur-bearing animal” like the fox “to hold the animals in captivity.”


Pet foxes are allowed


Pet foxes are allowed
you need to keep calling the pgc about it. but only talk to one person there, otherwise, you will get conflicting stories. the person to talk to is Jason in the permits department, in harrisburg
717-787-4250. request an application. they will send you the requirements.
this is what you will need:
2-year experience.
an approved pen (bottom fence also) with a shelf.
a letter of approval from your township
a bill of sale
once you get everything together, an officer will come and inspect the pen. (lets hope you get a fair officer) mine is great, never have any problems with him. the fox cannot be brought home until you get your permit.  oh, and the letter of experience has to be in detail. at least mine did anyway.




Pet foxes are allowed
Apparently only the red fox is… “Fox, privately owned, ranch-raised amber, blue and silver forms (Vulpes vulpes)” is listed under “R657-3-2. Species Not Covered by This Rule. The following species of domestic animals are not governed by this rule”


Pet foxes are allowed
4 VAC 15-30-10 – Possession, importation, sale, etc., of wild animals. Under the authority of §§ 29.1-103 and 29.1-521 of the Code of Virginia it shall be unlawful to take, possess, import, cause to be imported, export, cause to be exported, buy, sell, offer for sale, or liberate within the Commonwealth any wild animal unless otherwise specifically permitted by law or regulation. Unless otherwise stated, for the purposes of identifying species regulated by the board, when both the scientific and common names are listed, the scientific reference to genus and species will take precedence over common names.
But it IS considered lawful to possess any animal that VA considers domestic.   VA listed red fox under domestic races of animals.


Pet foxes are allowed
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources [link] [link] State statute “169.04 Possession of live wild animals” and “169.15 Captive wild animal farm licenses.”
note:  for “native captive wild animals,” which a red fox apparently would be, a Class B “Captive Wild Animal Farm License” $50 Initial Application/$25 Renewal is required.  Also, the fox must be kept in a pen at all times that meets the minimum requirements as listed in the regulations pamphlet; the fox “may not be kept in any part of a building or home where people live unless receiving temporary health care.


Pet foxes are allowed
“zillahkatz” from Sybil’s Message Board lives there, “You can own foxes in Wyoming and most other exotics. You can’t own moose, deer, elk as pets.”

This about covers the U.S states that ALLOW foxes to be kept as pets.
Now, for some of you, this will be bad news, but here’s the list of U.S states that DO NOT ALLOW foxes to be kept as pets:



Pet foxes are not allowed

R12-4-406. Restricted Live Wildlife
8. All species of the order Carnivora. Common names include: carnivores, skunks, raccoons, bears, foxes, and weasels;

R12-4-401. Live Wildlife Definitions
24. “Restricted live wildlife” means wildlife that cannot be imported, exported, or possessed without a special license or lawful exemption. Restricted live wildlife are listed in R12-4-406.
Wildlife Holding License
– A wildlife holding license shall authorize an individual to possess, transport, import, display for educational purposes, photograph for commercial purposes, purchase, propagate, export, give away, or euthanize either restricted live wildlife…for any of the following purposes: advancement of science, wildlife management, or promotion of public health or welfare…

Officer Tyler with the Arizona Game and Fish Dept.:
“Foxes are restricted here, you can’t have them as pets at all”  “I do not offer any licenses that allow people to have foxes as pets in Arizona.”


Pet foxes are not allowed
California Dept. of Fish and Game [link]
note: all banned; Section 2118 of the Fish and Game Code and Section 671, Title 14, California Code of Regulations.


Pet foxes are not allowed  
Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources – Division of Wildlife [link]
note: “Wildlife in general may NOT be held as pets in Colorado.  There are some exceptions” but those are only for educational reasons and rehabilitation; no private pet ownership of foxes.


Pet foxes are not allowed
Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources – Wildlife Resources Division[link] list on [link]


Pet foxes are not allowed
IDAHO CODE  [link]
25-236. Possession, sale, trade, barter, exchange and importation of animals. (1) No person shall possess, offer for sale, trade, barter, exchange or importation into the state of Idaho any fox, skunk or raccoon, except as provided in subsection (2) or (3) of this section.  (2)  Fur farms may possess or import any domestic fur-bearing animals with a certificate of veterinary inspection and domestic fur-bearing animals may be sold, traded, bartered or exchanged between fur farms in Idaho.   (3)  Public parks, zoos, museums, and educational institutions may possess or import the animals listed.
note:  “it isn’t legal to own a fox as a pet in Idaho”


Pet foxes are not allowed


Pet foxes are not allowed
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) [link]
note: no private ownership of foxes, the only permits for a fox are issued only for certain scientific, educational, etc specific reasons, not for pet ownership.


Pet foxes are not allowed
NC Wildlife Resources Commission [link]
“‘Wildlife Captivity License’ authorizes a person to keep a wild animal or bird in captivity. The Commission must determine that the animal or bird was acquired lawfully. Captivity licenses are not issued for the purpose of keeping wildlife as pets.”
NC Administrative Code (NCAC) under Title 15A NCAC 10H .0301(c)(2)(B).;
note:  no foxes can be imported into NC and NO licenses can be given to have a fox just as a pet.


Pet foxes are not allowed
Unfortunately, non-domesticated canines are considered potentially dangerous species, which means you can’t have them as pets…   NJ’s Division of Fish and Wildlife


Pet foxes are not allowed
[link] Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
[link] Department of Agriculture
“Red fox and Gray fox are indigenous to Oregon and cannot be imported, possessed, sold, purchased, exchanged or transported in the state unless part of a commercial fur farming operation.” OAR 635-044-0015  OAR 635-056-0010. [link]

As of 2010, no new exotic pet permits will be given in Oregon; therefore, no new pet foxes of any species are allowed.  Senate bill 391. [link]


Pet foxes are not allowed.
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.   [link]
“Fur-bearing animals may not be possessed as pets.”
“A Fur-bearing Animal Propagator is a person licensed to take or possess a living fur-bearing animal and hold it for propagation or sale. Species subject to these requirements include …, all fox, …” “A Fur-bearing Propagation Permit does not authorize individuals to possess live fur-bearing animals as pets.  This IS NOT a “pet permit.””
“It is not legal to keep fur-bearing animals (fox, otter, raccoon, opossum, skunk, etc.) as pets in Texas regardless of where they came from. Furthermore, the state health department has instituted a rabies quarantine on foxes. This pretty much restricts the movement of live foxes to animal control officers and zoo employees.”

There, that covers what I could find on restrictions in the U.S.

Q: “How much does a fox cost?”

A: I know that DOMESTIC foxes can cost around 6,000$ and maybe more, just for the purchase. Don’t get me started on how much more money you’ll need to feed and house your fox.

Q: “Where can I buy a fox?”

A: I VERY STRONGLY sugest purchasing one from Ms. Kay Fedewa. She, herself, owns a domestic fox, and works with the Russian institute of Cytology, in Novosibirsk, Russia, to import foxes from the institute to new homes. I, myself, am purchasing my fox from them.

Yes, I know, it’s expensive, but if you really want to own a fox, money will be only a minor obstacle to you. Just like it is for me.

You will find further information on Ms. Fedewa’s website: http://www.domesticfox.xom


Well, this about resumes what you need to know before buying a fox. Please, DO NOT PURCHASE A FOX BECAUSE IT’S A CUTE ANIMAL OR TO SHOW IT OFF TO YOUR FRIENDS. It is very cruel and selfish to do so. So don’t. If you buy a fox, let it be for love of the animal, and nothing else.

If you have any further questions on these subjects, you can e-mail me at:

Thank you for reading!!


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